Netflix: the little mistake in Lupin that went viral

 Netflix original series Lupine’s mistake that earned him criticism from viewers and correction from a sports brand company

Lupin, the French series inspired by the literary character of the writer and novelist Maurice LeBlanc sweeps in Netflix and it is positioned among the most viewed on the platform despite some little mistakes that they went unnoticed by their director and that their fans noticed immediately and began to echo.

The original series of platform streaming bill the story of Arsène Lupine, although it does not fully portray her in the figure of Assane Diop (Omar Sy), protagonist of the production, is based on a figure from 1905 French literature of a thief in white gloves.

In the plot that brings to the present the stories of the character of the novel by LeBlanc there is a difference between the Lupine of the early 20th century and the one of today whose obsession are Sneakers.

In one of the episodes you can see Sy, the actor who plays Lupine, using a brand of sneakers that led him to make a mistake who was immediately noticed by fans of the series and one of the big chains of sports brands dedicated to the sale and distribution of those products that immediately they echoed the situation there it they notified the streaming platform of the failure.

Lupine who plays to be a Gallic detective, very in the style of Sherlock Holmes has a large collection of sneakers – the item of clothing that is causing all kinds of comments on social media among viewers. Is that in a flashback of the character in which you try to delve into his story, you can see Lupine sitting on the back of a bed wearing some Artengo sneakers in 1995.

It is no minor detail was seen and posted on the Twitter account of the founding company Decathlon that he decided to speak with a strong message to the company. “Tell us, Netflix, you thought we wouldn’t watch it but in 1995 our Artengo brand did not yet exist, eh “, he wrote with an emoji at the end of the post and the photo they allude to about the scene. The correction was taken in a good way by Netflix that was only limited to respond with a “Oops”.

Artengo is a sports line developed by Decathlon, founded in 2006, almost a decade after the date of the scene in ‘Lupin’.

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