Playground addiction

Street basketball is gaining more and more popularity in Milan and playgrounds are being built everywhere in the city. But the street basketball court is much more than a place where a sport is practiced.

It is a space where the themes of integration and mutual knowledge are developed. A place where a new concept of community is created. Where different communities learn to know each other.
The playgrounds host a diverse humanity, which in this continuous giving and receiving of the ball carries out an experience of reciprocity and trust towards a possible multicultural coexistence.

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a film by
Carlo Furgeri Gilbert, Marzio Mirabella, Niccolò Rastrelli
Winner | Rome Independent Cinema Festival
Winner | Oniros Film Festival
Winner Special Prize | Palermo Sport Film Festival
Winner | Best Short Competition
Official Selection | FipaDOC Biarritz
Official Selection | Short on Tap London
Finalist | Matera Film Festival
Finalist | CineMigrare Festival
Original music: SELTON + Tommaso Colliva
Non original music: Effementi + Sid Beats
Title design: LeftLoft
Drone operator: Giancarlo Galante
Audio: Niccolò Rastrelli
Production assistants: Stefano Casiraghi, Carolina Gheri
Audio Mix: Alberto Parodi | Mulinetti Recording Studio