Philippe Zdar. In loving memory

A superbe house live dj set
+ bonus  “Deconstructing a Mix” video in which he’s remixing, on a E‑series Solid State Logic (SSL) 4000, the song Lisztomania by Phoenix at Motorbass Studio in Paris & witness his entire mixing process explained in detail.

Following Philippe Zdar’s passing, Mix With The Masters has granted free access to the late producer’s Deconstructing a Mix tutorial from 2017.
In the episode, Zdar remixes Lisztomania, a track off Phoenix’s 2009 album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. He goes through the entire mixing and production process, explaining important details along the way.
The 2009 record was, of course, co-produced by Zdar himself and was crowned Best Alternative Music Album at the 52nd Grammy’s.