SPERIMENT4LE | Fresh streetwear brand handmade in Italy

What they say:

Speriment4le is a young independent brand based in Italy that creates tailored handmade apparel, numbered, tagged, released in limited quantities and editions.

By producing limited collections only, S:4 ensures high-quality and exclusive pieces by combining innovative design with the best materials.

Speriment4le combines the streetwear comfort with the elegance of italian tailoring.

Textures and color blends to create a unique and original product.

"We are experimental"


What WE say:

Great style and amazing design for this new Italian streetwear brand totally handmade and in limited edition. Be sure to buy their stuff, 'cause we are sure, Speriment4le (read Sperimentale) it's gonna kick ass! Made for the dancefloor, for skating, for lovin! If you are lucky u can buy their style in Ibiza, if not.. well.. get in touch with 'em on facebook or instagram. 
100% quality/original design, damn we love those crazy italians!!



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