Before & After: Kurko Long Drink

Last summer, Finland's Sinebrychoff Brewery approached UK-based creative agency, Taxi Studio to reboot Kurko Long Drink, a line of flavored alcoholic beverages. Kurko launched in 2003 to initial success throughout Finland, but the brand began to decline. 

"Kurko is a slang word for 'King', which is why the logo has traditionally included a crown, but the word is also used as slang to give someone or something praise.  For example, 'that's Kurko' [means] 'that's cool'."


The Before 

Kurko decided to broaden its market appeal to women, so the creative team shifted the packaging from a fairly monochromatic color scale of blues, greys and whites to something more communicative and colorful, while still including the brand's crown icon.

The After 

Kurko 50cl_Angled_300dpi_1200 wide.jpg

The redesign includes colorful graphics representing the product flavors and ingredients and clearer messaging. 


Designed by: Taxi Studio 

Client: Sinebrychoff Brewery

Country: United Kingdom

Creative Director: Ryan Wills

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