Daily Most Cool Things #4

Cut and Slash Resistant Gloves 1 Daily Most Cool Things #4

Cut and Slash Resistant Gloves – You can now cut faster without fear for your fingers using these slash resistant gloves. Ideal for anyone who is a bit clumsy or that is starting to cook. It's 4 times stronger than leather and when you hit the blade several times, you wound up without a scratch.

Tic Tac Toe Drink Glass1 650x662 Daily Most Cool Things #4
Tic Tac Toe Drink Glass – This will increase excitement to your home with this fun shot glass game set. It includes a game board and nine shot glasses.

Shark costume baby on the beach1 Daily Most Cool Things #4
Child's shark costume – Kids are so sweet that it is funny to see them in the role of on of the greatest predators. This costume can make quite a fun pair with someone wearing the man eating shark costume.

81jXvP64zRL. SL1500 1 650x487 Daily Most Cool Things #4
The Spy Bolt Covert Hidden Contents Secret Container – If the police ended up searching your place, they might end up finding your book safes, but no one would think about looking in a bolt.

61PvbXuX2IL. SL1230 1 650x650 Daily Most Cool Things #4
LED Glow Chess – It looks great with these light up glass pieces. An attractive Chess set.

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