Beautiful Typography Inspiration

Lately, I have been really inspired by the beautiful typography that I see everywhere. Check out this collection of websites that really got it right, followed by how to find similar fonts for your own projects.

The Design Files Open House

This site displays two sans serif fonts. The first one being very eloquent and the second one showing off its boldness.

Adelaida by Resistenza

Duase by Alvaro Thomaz Fonts

Satchel and Sage

Satchel and Sage is a husband and wife creative team and their website beautifully displays their love of design and typography.

KG Primary Italics by kimberlygeswein

Suicca by Alvaro Thomaz Fonts

Banger's Austin

The font on this site has a lot of character. It has a rustic feel and tells a story of a place where you want to go and "everyone knows your name".

Moonface Script by TypeFaith Fonts

Lunchbox Light by Kimmy Design


Cirq uses a very unique font set of fonts that are nicely paired. The typography throughout the site is unique and flows flawlessly.

Spokane Regular by dougpenick


Miss Mary's Mix

Miss Mary's Mix shows off the mix of a script font beautifully paired with a thin sans serif.

Moonface Script by TypeFaith Fonts

Burne Thin by Alvaro Thomaz Fonts


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