Sónar Barcellona

Once again this year, Sónar descends to the Barcelona Metro for a free appetizer concert, less than a week before the festival starts.
At centre stage this year is Wooky, with a dynamic and meticulous concert of electronica that will take place on Friday 7 June at 7pm, in the hall of Universitat station (Metro lines 1 and 2).

Albert Salinas has been carving out a name for himself on the Spanish scene for some time, and creating expectations that must be fulfilled with his first album for spa.RK, following on from his only official release to date, the excellent EP "The Ark". The new album will not be out until September, but Albert has already begun to present some of the brilliant compositions it contains live. Deep electronica with a high emotive charge – perfect to whet your appetite six days before Sónar 2013 start.


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