Why Shrink Wrap A Cucumber

why shrink wrap horizontal Why Shrink Wrap A Cucumber

Have you ever wondered why the cucumber is shrink wrapped? On the first look, does it appear to be unnecessary over-packaging?

The book, Why Shrink Wrap A Cucumber: The Complete Guide to Environmental Packaging, investigates the issue and finds that a shrink wrapped cucumber lasts three times as long as an unwrapped cucumber.

 Why Shrink Wrap A Cucumber

The extra plastic used is justified for two reasons. First, it reduces food spoilage. Second, it improves the energy efficiency of cucumber harvesting and delivering processes, as they do not have to be repeated as many times when done in bulk.

The book is full of insightful perspectives on how our products are packaged, and how they can be done in more eco-friendly ways.

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The book also contains a directory of materials – an extremely valuable reference for designers.

why shrink wrap 4 650x416 Why Shrink Wrap A Cucumber

Whether you're a professional in the packaging design industry, or are just curious about how your products are packaged, this book is worth taking a closer look.


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