No Wi-Fi Zones: Taking a Break from Constant Connection

No WiFi Zone 1

Free wifi is becoming so ubiquitous in many cities, it's hard to find a street corner where you can't instantly connect – and most of us like it that way. Unrestricted access to virtually all of the knowledge and information in the world is nothing to sneeze at, but with it comes people who are glued to their devices instead of talking to each other. Kit Kat has a new marketing campaign that actually blocks all wireless signals within a radius of 5 meters.

No WiFi Zone 2

The Free No WiFi Zone is a simple installation in downtown Amsterdam that creates a refuge from the internet. Reflecting the candy bar's slogan "Have a break, have a Kit Kat," the campaign emphasizes taking a breather from email, social media updates and other trappings of our connected culture.

No WiFi Zone 3

"The world is becoming one big WiFi zone," reads the ad, created by advertising agency JWT Amsterdam. "It's available in bars, restaurants, trains, airports, supermarkets… There's even WiFi on Mount Everest. Result? People are constantly online. Time for a break."

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