Cloud Storage from Google – Google Drive

A few days ago, Google added another weapon to its arsenal – Google Drive. Simply put, Drive is Google's version of cloud storage – say, Dropbox meets Google Docs.

As with any other cloud storage service, Google Drive lets you store your data online, edit/modify it as per your needs and share it with others and/or collaborate while working. Drive itself looks like an enhanced cousin of Google Docs – just that now you have the liberty to upload and store different file types.

The default storage space offered with Google Drive is 5 GB, though it can be upgraded to 25 GB at $2.49 per month, or 100 GB for $4.99 per month. Still need more? Well, there are plans to offer 1 TB of storage for $49.99 per month as well.

Also, if you decide to upgrade your Drive space (to any of the paid plans), your GMail account automatically gets upgraded to 25 GB of storage.

As of now, Drive has installable apps for Mac and PC, as well as Android, and Google claims to have an app for iOS soon.

Google Drive already seems to have a decent level of integration with Google Apps and Google+, and as the storage service expands, this integration is likely to improve as well.

However, at barely 4 days of age, Drive has received its share of criticism already – there are talks all around the internet regarding Google's Privacy Policy with respect to the data uploaded on Drive. While Google indeed is quick to dismiss such accusations, speculations just won't stop yet.

To know more about Drive, simply visit this page.

What do you think of Google Drive (and the associated privacy concerns)? Will you be using it? Let us know in comments.

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