A creative Kickstarter project designed to easily boost the audio on your iPad Amplifiear-1.jpg

Nonlinear Studio's Amplifiear is a clever clip-on device designed to enhance your iPad's sound. Stunning in its simple design and basic, low-tech construction—no batteries or wires, nor electric currents of any kind required—the Amplifiear magnifies volume by reflecting and redirecting sound forward from the iPad's back speaker.


Nonlinear's head designer Evan Clabots conceived the lightweight, recyclable ABS plastic ear to correct what many might see as a design flaw in Apple's tablet: a back-facing speaker, which offers less-than-optimal sound without the reliance on other stereo devices. The intelligible Amplifiear comes outfitted with a tension clip for fitting both the newest iPad model and the iPad2, and slips onto the tablet's top corner. Like a mini amphitheater, it draws its sound-increasing power from basic physical acoustics.


Easy to transport and instantly functional, Amplifiear is an impressive example of simplified design. The Amplifiear project will remain on Kickstarter through 12 May 2012 for funding, and once successful will be produced stateside in Minnesota.

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