Support a Kickstarter project bringing remote 360° panning and tilting to iOS devices Galileo4.jpg

From Josh Guyot—Motrr co-founder and designer of Snow Peak's SnowMiner headlamp—comes Galileo, a 360° degree panning and tilting mechanism for iOS devices. With multiple potential applications, Galileo-mounted devices can be controlled remotely by swiping the screen of a secondary device to pan and tilt. The spherical platform allows for infinite movement and any number of viewing angles. Guyot and partner JoeBen Bevirt also created Joby and the Gorillapod line of malleable tripods, proving their talent for ingenious tech accessories.

While the most obvious application is for video conferencing, Bevirt and Guyot see Galileo as a useful tool for baby monitoring, time lapse photography, iPhone movie making and virtual home tours. Conscious that the device may find other applications later on, Galileo comes with an SDK kit for app developers as well as a mounting screw for tripods and other camera equipment. Also acting as a charging station, Galileo comes with a rechargeable battery of its own for use in any situation.

Visit Galileo's Kickstarter page to pledge your support and make the project happen, and watch this video to find out more.

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