30 Highly Unusual Web Designs

When it's working, we call it developing a distinctive style. When it's not, we call it falling into a rut. Formulaic, trend-based design might help you get the bills paid on time, but it won't win you any design awards — and let's face it, what's most scary about that feeling is the idea that your artistic side might be slipping as you behave more like a manufacturer.

While this is a common feeling shared by all designers at some point in their professional lives, there are plenty of ways to deal with it. One of them is inspiring yourself with the most unusual, out-of-the-box design you can find. Sure, you might not bring some of the crazier stuff back into your work with corporate clients, but it is nice to get inspired again and try a few new — perhaps subtler — additions to your day-to-day work.

Dean Oakley

Creative Capital


Roland Olbeter


Jiri Tvrdek

Paolo Cavanna



Grip Limited

Juan Diego Velasco

Pretty Production

Stripes Design

Marc Anton Dahmen Architecture


Get London Reading

HTML5 Readiness

CL Designz

HTC Sense

Nick Jones

Digital Podge


Dave Werner

Veboo Labs

Julia Noda

David Jiminez

Jeremy Levine Design


Transmission Inc.

Convax Solutions

From strange color palettes to unconventional layouts, these thirty designs represent everything that's not done in regular, corporate web design. Some of the elements work, others not so much, but they're all the work of designers who are thinking outside of the formulas. Forget two column layouts with a four color palette and start playing again.

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