10 Most Weird Inventions of 2012

Inventions mean to benefit mankind. Either remarkable or weird, they are intended to simplify the hassle of daily life. Many students and scientists keep on researching strange ideas and finally come up with some useful inventions that are at the time look weird but when we get addicted, these inventions dominate our lifestyle.

Today, various inventions, some of which are really very odd, have improved our living standards. Let's have a look at these 10 most weird inventions of 2012.

10. Macbook With Book Like Cover

 10 Most Weird Inventions of 2012

This book like cover of a macbook is really weird but looks awesome while working. For those who want to display their affection with books can cover their macbook with this witty book skin invention.

9. Dusting Slippers

Dusting Slippers 09.1 10 Most Weird Inventions of 2012

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