AntiMap [oF, Android, iPhone, Javascript, Processing]

The AntiMap by Trent Brooks is an Open Source creative toolset for recording and visualising your own data. The project currently consists of a phone utility application (AntiMap Log – iOS/Android) for data capture, and a couple of web/desktop applications (AntiMap Simple (Javascript) and AntiMap Video (oF)) for post analysis and data visualisation.

The mobile application uses the GPS and Compass sensors on your phone to extract and store the following data: latitude, longitude, compass direction, speed (kph), distance (kms), time (milliseconds), and finally an input field for optional points of interest. Recorded data is saved to a CSV file at 30 FPS with filenames matching the date & time they were created. Eg: '150811_1230_08.csv', was created on the 15th August 2011, at 12:30pm and 8 seconds. For Android users, files can be retrieved from the 'AntiMap' folder on the SD card. For iPhone users, files can be retrieved from your device in iTunes/Apps/AntiMap Log Documents (just under the 'File Sharing' heading). The mobile applications are free and Open Source, with Processing (Android) and Openframeworks (iPhone). Source code is provided in hope that users can learn from and find interesting ways to visualise their data.

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