The Amazing Type-Writer App

The limited-run new app puts antique type in your pocket
Amazing-Type-Writer-1.jpg Amazing-Type-2.jpg

Nostalgia is a thing of the future with The Amazing Type-Writer iOS app produced by Devin Chalmers at Doormouse Manufacturing. Mimicking the old-time clickety-clack of a Remington, The Amazing Type-Writer runs on "micro-swingarms" and the "latest in mobile pneumatic tubes technology." With the app's moveable carriage, users can hack away cryptic ransom notes or lines from "The Shining," displayed on a simulated piece of mimeograph paper. Referencing the original QWERTY keyboard, The Amazing Type-Writer captures the bygone look of typed-over letters with a signature "dead key."


If writer's block boxes you into a 'quick brown fox' quandary the application offers The Typewritten Gallery, a catalogue of textual musings on digital high-quality cardstock to which users can add their musings. Although The Amazing Type-Writer hasn't re-created the disgruntled crumpled ball of a rejected idea, compositions can be deleted. If you're pleased with your masterpiece, you can broadcast it to the gallery or share via e-mail.

The Amazing Typewriter is available through the iTunes App store and retails for $1.99—only a limited number are available, however, so hurry.

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