Pump Up The Volume

Photographer Marcus Gaab makes animated still lifes using the RED Epic
Pump_Volume3.jpg Pump_Volume1.jpg

Seeing the RED Epic camera drop was pretty exciting, but seeing how directors and photographers are putting it to use keeps us inspired. We spotted an innovative use in the WSJ Magazine's November "Innovator's Issue," with photographer Marcus Gaab's "Pump Up the Volume" neon fashion accessories story, which he shot in video. Gaab explains the process behind the images: "We pulled single frames from these short movie sequences. We then composed them into a collage to show motion in a still picture."

Pump_Volume2.jpg Pump_Volume4.jpg

The result is a great new twist on still life photography, thanks in part to the stark black backdrop and hypnotic layering of eye-popping color. Gaab's other work, specifically I Love You, a German magazine that he publishes with his wife, is also worth a look. Check out the video of the shoot at WSJ Magazine online.


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