iPhone SLR Mount

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Photojojo's SLR Lens Adapter turns your iPhone 4 into the ultimate mobile photo machine iphoneSLR1.jpg

It's always intriguing to see what camera enhancing products the creative minds at Photojojo will come up with. Their latest, the iPhone SLR Mount, might seem a bit over the top but it strikes a cord with the camera geek inside. The adapter, which encompasses a case, extension tubes and some custom machined parts to link it all together, lets you attach any Nikon or Canon EOS lenses to the back of your iPhone 4 — giving the 5 megapixel sensor a whole new world of prime glass to interpret.


This accessory is designed for those who have pined to dominate mobile phone photography with glowing bokeh and the super soft backgrounds. Granted throwing a 300mm lens onto the back of an iPhone probably looks absurd enough to have people snapping shots of you, but it's definitely a fun way to expand your mobile's photography capabilities. Grab it from the Photojojo store for $190 and start bragging about your app free iPhone photo skills.


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