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Five healthier frozen treats

When the weather heats up and clothes come off, ice cream seems like the ideal way to cool down—but that makes staying "bikini ready" a challenge. For a refreshing treat that doesn't break the caloric bank, we've picked out five frozen treats that are sure to hit the spot.

Kaurina's Kulfi

Popular in India, kulfi is a healthier version of ice cream, forgoing eggs and preservatives in favor of simply milk, sugar and natural flavors. They also skip out on the surprising additive of air, making Kaurina's Kulfi richer and creamier than typical dairy desserts, while prolonging its frozen goodness. The bars are available online, and come in nine flavors, including pistachio almond, strawberry and coconut.

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Jala Fudge Ice Cream Bar

Chocolate lovers will delight in Jala's fudge bars, perfect for your midday pick-me-up. Jala bars are not just sweet chocolatey treats—these calcium-rich 110 calorie bars contain probiotics that help boost the immune system while promoting healthy digestion. You can buy these delicious treats at various grocery stores.

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Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is a staple treat of the summer for a reason; it's got the health edge over ice cream without sacrificing taste. Like Yasso's slogan says, "All of the goodness, none of the guilt!" Now you can keep the delicious cold snack in your freezer with their first ever frozen Greek yogurt bars, which come come in raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry, as well as being fat-free, gluten-free, kosher and only 70 calories. You can pick some up at your choice of markets.

Rice Dream Bites

Rice Dream Bites are made to satisfy chocolate cravings. A sweet chocolate shell surrounds tiny bits of vanilla rice-based cream, providing a delicious meld of flavors. Even those of us who are lactose-intolerant can enjoy the creamy bite size treats, and they're also gluten and cholesterol free, with no trans fat or refined sugars. The bites are available at various retailers.

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Gaga Sorbet Bars

Everyone knows sherbet is delicious, and these creamy sorbet bars are no exception. All-natural, low fat and calories, and wheat and gluten-free, they'll satisfy your sweet tooth and leave the health nut in you smiling. A unique mix of ice cream and sherbet shows off the smooth tastes of these zesty snacks, which are available in raspberry, key lime, lemon, coconut, orange, and chocolate online.

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