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Fund an app that will bring the Twin Towers back to life 110stories-3.jpg

The destruction of the World Trade Center towers was indisputably a massive loss for every American. For lifelong New Yorkers, however, something else was lost. The beauty that the twin towers added to the New York skyline is irreplaceable, and the sight of the buildings provided the background for many fond memories—not to mention a beacon for orientation upon emerging from a foreign subway stop. 110 Stories is an iPhone app concept by Brian August that will use augmented reality to place the Twin Towers back in to view.

The app, currently in the process of being funded through crowd-sourcing on Kickstarter, would consist of three steps: orient, augment, comment. The app will guide users to the appropriate direction to view the phantom towers, then superimpose a ghost image of the towers upon the real one, creating a conglomerate image. Users will then be able to include their personal story regarding the moment on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well as the app's own site.

110stories-1.jpg 110stories-2.jpg

Brian August's vision does not stop with the app, however. The lover of iconic imagery has a Phase Two of the project in mind: an installation that would consist of identical benches placed in prime viewing spots all over the city as a physical manifestation of the app, reminding all who visit there of the majesty that was the Twin Towers.


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