Partitura [vvvv, Sound]

Partitura [vvvv, Sound]

Created by Abstract Birds and QuayolaPartitura is a custom software for creating realtime graphics aimed at visualising sound. The term "Partitura" (score) implies a connection with music, and this metaphor is the main focus of the project. The main characteristic of the system is its horizontal linear structure, like that of a musical score. It is along this linear environment that the different classes of abstract elements are created and evolve over time according to the sound.

Partitura defines a coherent language of its own for the creation of new contemporary abstractions. It is within this system that Partitura creates worlds that expand from a single dot to multiple galaxies, from minimalism to complexity, from rigid to elastic, from solid to liquid, from angular to smoothness, from tentative to boldness, from calm to agitation, from slow to fast, from desaturated to saturation, from dark to lightness, from predictable to unpredictability. Literally 'everything' and its opposite… just like a musical flow

Partitura has been developed mainly using VVVV, with an additional custom Max4Live audio analysis plugin. The Partitura 3D world is guided by a spline-driven bones structure where all the modules refer to. These include Splines, Particles and Meshes. Each module has many controllable parameters that can be linked to OSC inputs from the audio analysis or MIDI sequencer/controller. The analysis is run in Ableton Live and sent over OSC via ethernet.

General modules' features include Multilayered hierarchic realtime management system, attractor/spring simulation, advanced spline-surface constrain for all the visual elements, Smooth resampled surfaces by GPU and GPU Particle system. Render techniques include SSAO, HDR and Tone-Mapping, Luma Adaptation, Cubemap illumination, Depth of Field, NormalMaps, bloom, MRT and Post effects for grading and corrections. Audio analysis includes amplitude, beat detection, bonk, Mel scale, FFT and pitch. Finally the Setup: Render > Workstation, Control/Analysis > Laptop and 3x BCF MIDI Controllers.

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