Fragments of RGB [Processing]

Created by onformative, Berlin based studio founded by Julia Laub and Cedric Kiefer, Fragments of RGB is a project that explores the nature of digital image, it's construction and interaction with it. By segmenting the RGB pixels in the image and associating it to users by their proximity, the project aims to elevate individual relationships and perception of "point of view".

We became interested in the observer's personal view and in »re-projecting« this. The installation reacted to and changed with the viewer's movement and, hence, his perspective and point of view. The illusion of a LED screen was destroyed and the RGB elements dissolved to form new, translated images and, thus, a transformed »reality«.

Beside the installation that illustrates the sensitive interaction between person and image, fragments of RGB is also intended as a photographic series in which the transformations that occurred on the display were photographed.

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