Call for Entries: Europe – A Sound Panorama

Open until 15 March 2011. You have approximately 17 days remaining to attend. Read on to find out more details about how you can enter.

This is a free contest, which means that you can enter for free and without the need of paying an entry fee.

Winners announcement expected: April 2011

Note: Contest Watchers uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). All calculations are approximate and based on UTC.

The Goethe-Institut of Belgrade, the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics Karlsruhe, Götz Naleppa (producer and media artist), Programme 3 of Radio Belgrade, the European Broadcasting Union's Ars Acustica Group and Deutschlandradio Kultur warmly invite you to take part in the project: Europe – A Sound Panorama.

This is a call to all European sound artists to compose a contribution made up of acoustic impressions of a European venue or landscape selected by them and rendered in artistic form.

A jury shall select the ten best entries by April 2011 and invite their composers to a workshop in Karlsruhe from 17-22 October 2011.


The aim of this project is to produce a sound composition which conveys an impression of the particularities of different parts of Europe.

The composition should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Genre: electroacoustic music / radiophonic sound art
  • Theme: sounds of places and/or landscapes in Europe
  • Duration: maximum 5 minutes
  • Format: mp3 – 192 kbit/s


A jury shall select the ten best entries by April 2011 and invite their composers to a workshop in Karlsruhe from 17-22 October 2011. On the basis of their contributions and together with the workshop leader, Thomas Köner, prizewinning sound and media artist, participants will put together a European sound panorama which forms a whole, but whose individual parts will still be recognizable with their varied and particular aspects.

The ten individual entries and the overall composition will be presented in public at the ZKM in Karlsruhe on 22 October 2011 as well as at other venues and will be transmitted by participating radio broadcasters. The acoustic art work "Europe - A Sound Panorama" will be the result of an intercultural exchange on how Europe is perceived.

The artists shall receive a separate fee for the broadcast première of the sound panorama on Deutschlandradio Kultur. All other transmissions shall be free of costs for EBU Members.


  • No contribution should exceed five minutes in duration.

How to enter?

Artists shall submit a zip file with:

  1. the completed registration form as an RTF document
  2. the composition in mp3 format, 192 kbit/s

The registration form must also be sent in writing and with the artist's signature to the following fax number: +30 49 8503 940 5585

Entry fee

No entry fee. It's free to enter.


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