Print Stuff [Scripts]

Print Stuff [Scripts]

Print Stuff is a personal project by Guido Tamino allowing strangers to use his printer at home forming basis of what will eventually become a book. Basically he is inviting everyone to print some stuff (a short message and a picture) in his room over the internet, it's real time and fully automated. Just fill in the form and click «print». There's also a webcam video stream in the background so that you can see the priting process actually happening.

The process uses shell scrip for printing and uploading part, PHP for the general queue handling (together with a pdf class for formatting everything right) and a simple Pure Data patch for snapping webcam pictures and uploading them to the server.

The website has been opened to the internet only a couple hours ago so if you want to be the first, it's only few clicks

Looking at my printer sending out some stuff picked by strangers on the internet becomes addictive in a short time. There is some mistery behind that, which is exciting and makes the printing process an extremely pleasant thing to look at, because you never know what to expect. And if i like this experience maybe someone else will do, that's why I am starting to share with everyone on the internet a live streaming of my printer.

More info can be found on his blog.

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