Kinetic Pavilion [iPad, Processing, Scripts]

Kinetic Pavilion [iPad, Processing, Scripts]

This is a preliminary test model of a kinetic pavilion by Yannick Bontinckx and Elise Vanden Elsacker. The final model will contain 28 servo motors controlled by an Arduino Mega and a Duemilanove board all connected to Rhino & Grasshopper via FireFly. The demo movie below includes a TouchOSCgHowl setup which allows the structure to be controlled via an iPad.

Multiple kinds of 'sketches' can be uploaded to the pavilion
- Weather Data: mean values of solar irradiation are processed and shape the pavilion depending on climate, daily, monthly and hourly data. (Software used: Autodesk Ecotect and
GECO for Grasshopper.)
- Human Interaction: control the pavilion using the iPad's accelerometer and a TouchOSC XYpad interface (Software used:
TouchOSC & gHowl.
- Motion tracking: human movement/other movement through live webcam feeds.

More information/updates including the final model will be posted in the coming weeks on Yannicks site. Also check out flickr for Processing app screens.

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