A book of topless ladies in 3-D
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We always appreciate an appropriate use of a medium, which is why we're glad to see the aptly-titled book "3DD," a book celebrating the breast with 86 pages of anaglyphic images. The concept is simple—the contours of topless ladies bounce off the pages with the help of 3-D glasses. Kiwi fashion model turned NYC photographer Henry Hargreaves' stroke of genius stems from his fervent interest in both breasts and photography, i.e. he's a man.

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As Hargeaves points out, "the universal truth is that looking and talking about boobs is just a lot of fun," but perhaps the biggest pleasure is that the breasts pictured in the book—of all different sizes and colors—are all natural. Shot entirely in NYC, the models (mostly Hargreaves' friends) strike poses from seductive to saggy.


"3DD" comes with a pair of 3D aviator glasses and sells from Amazon or the 3DD website, where you can also sign up for the 3DD/Day Calendar, which sends along a daily selection from 3DD via RSS.

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