Poolga Collection 1 [iPhone]

Poolga Collection 1 [iPhone]

Launched in 2007, Poolga today is a must destination for iPhone wallpapers. It brings together both small and big names in graphic design and illustration, offering wallpaper downloads of selected works for both iPhone and iPad. Recently Poolga has also launched tseventy.com, in the similar spirit, hand picked photography edition from selected photographers from around the world.

I've known Juan for a while now and I am very pleased to see that their first iPhone app is now available in the AppStore. Beautifully executed, the app is pure Poolga. You swipe up for artist info, swipe left for next image, save image to library, tweet and a quick link to artist's website. Simple, clean and all you could ask for.

Juan writes:
For this first edition we have invited our friend and recognized Art Director Luis Mendo from Goodinc.nl to propose a group of artists who's work he admires. He came back with a list of very talented illustrators from all over the world whom we then invited to participate in this experiment. Their art looks beautiful on the screen and we're sure that you will be happy to take it in your pocket wherever you go.

Full list of illustrators in the Poolga Collection #1: Anthony Zinonos, Christopher Bettig, Hine Mizushima, Hiyoko Imai, Izuru Aminaka, Jorge González, Jose Luis García, Julia Guther, Matthew Taylor, Lotta Nieminen, Nathan Manire, Ryan Peltier, Taizo Yamamoto, Tatsuro Kiuchi, Mogu Takahashi.

Created by Javier ArceLaszlito Kovacs and Juan Carlos Cammaert
Curated by: Luis Mendo
Music by: Lullatone

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: Free
Developer: Poolga

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