Bisazza Crystal Collection

Bisazza Crystal Collection
Adorn your walls in Swarovski with patterns spanning from sea horses to robots bisazza-long.jpg

Established a half-century ago in Northern Italy's Alte Vicenza region, Bisazza is one of the world's most innovative producers of glass mosaics both in terms of technical solutions and style. Their recently launched The Crystal Collection blurs the line between classic design and contemporary decoration, integrating Swarovski crystals within their beautifully-crafted tiles.

The Crystal Collection includes six patterns—Skulls & Crowns, Robots & Hearts, Corals & Seahorses, Flash, Stars and Rain—all reduced into basic forms, outlined on monochromatic backgrounds in the tones of white, blue and black. While Skulls & Crowns offers bold imagery of corsair-inspired skeleton heads and royal crowns that have become ubiquitous with fashion the past few years, other patterns like Flash and Rain take on a more subtle approach with small shiny circles casting a peculiar depth effect.

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The new collection is available in Bisazza flagship stores around the world as well as at selected retailers.

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