• Doom & Bloom: 36,000 Flowers Adorn Condemned Detroit Duplex

    florist abandoned house project

    Bought at auction by a florist last year, this dilapidated multifamily home was destined to be demolished but given a last chance to blossom thanks to a team of florists and array of volunteers packing the place inside and out with a flowers.

    floral arrangements exterior porch

    floral abandoned beauty

    floral room spiral design

    Deserted houses in Detroit are famously sold for as little as a dollar by the city, giving florist  Lisa Waud (photos by Heather Saunders) an idea.

    floral work in progress

    floral filled bathtub

    She purchased this place for just $250 at auction, then turned a trash-filled abandonment into a work of art as well as a fundraiser for a flower farm and design center on the site.

    floral interior space closet

    flor creative wall decor

    floral rich colorful arrangement

    The Flower House was given over to contributing florists, each encouraged to turn a space, wall or ceiling into a blank canvas for their creations. The results are remarkable.

    floral exterior packing planning

    floral decor creative

    floral home exterior

    Following the project, "the house that held the exhibition will be responsibly deconstructed and materials repurposed. the land will be converted into a flower farm and design center on their formerly neglected properties.

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