• Zeppelin Sofa

    00.zeppelin sofa2 650x487 Zeppelin Sofa

    Ukraine product designers Mukomelov proudly present you a sofa inspired by Ferdinand Zeppelin's airship forms.

    It will bring a piece of the sky into any interior. Zeppelin is a soft lining sofa. Aero forms and framework structures of the airship named after a German inventor Ferdinand Zeppelin served the inspiration for the product. It is a framework structure with smooth lines and big radii you can rest on. Despite the fact that image of the sofa was taken from a rigid airship, the soft lining and internal filler shaping create soft effect.

    The sofa will blend in a contemporary interior, creating its composition center.

    01.zeppelin sofa2 650x433 Zeppelin Sofa
    03.zeppelin sofa2 650x433 Zeppelin Sofa
    04.zeppelin sofa2 650x433 Zeppelin Sofa
    05.zeppelin2 650x433 Zeppelin Sofa
    zeppelin macon original2 650x504 Zeppelin Sofa
    original zeppelin macon

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