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    The XXXVI DG doesn't fold, it has no electric motor, no phone charger or place to put an iPad, it can't fly and it's not an amphibious vehicle. It is, however… a bicycle with two wheels, gears, pedals and a frame. It was inspired by the purest form of the bike and simply applies traditional construction with modern materials to maximize the basics of a design that's worked for over a century. It's not going to be the fastest, smoothest, or even the most advanced…but it is… TIMELESS!


    Frame type: titanium frame + bolted aluminum components
    Fork angle : 17.5∞
    Front brakes : 200 mm ,1 piston brake caliper
    Rear brakes : 200 mm , 2 piston brake caliper
    Front rim : 36″ / carbon fiber
    Rear rim : 36″ / carbon fiber
    28 spokes: 310mm flat spokes / stainless steel
    Hubs: 200mm – mono hubs / aluminium
    Cassette: single – 13
    Cranckset: HammerSchmidt
    Overall Length : 2001 mm
    Overall Width : 500 mm
    Overall Height : 1020 mm
    Seat Height (min) : 900 mm
    Ground Clearance : 180 mm
    Wheelbase : 1140 mm
    Weight : 11 kg

    Designer: Paolo De Giusti

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