• China Environment Protection

    China Environment Protection

    Every year Chinese consumes 45 billion pairs of disposable wooden chopsticks which equal around 25 million trees. We recycle over 30 thousand used disposable wooden chopsticks from restaurants all over Shanghai. Wash them, process and collage them into a 5-meter-high-chopstick-tree, we then break it down in the middle and then display the piece in the busiest district. Through the fallen chopstick-tree, we alert the people that the use of disposable wooden chopsticks means the destruction of large numbers of trees.

    Creative Director: Michael Dee , Shihyen Lee
    Associate Creative Director: Lim Boon Seng
    Art Director: Lim Boon Seng ,Michael Ma ,Kelvin Jiang
    Copywriter: Hesky Lu, Adam Wang
    Photographer: Leslie Sim

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