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  • Strange Rain [iPhone, iPad]

    Created by Operton and Erik LoyerStrange Rain turns your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into a skylight on a rainy day. Raindrops fall and splatter on your screen, shifting perspective as you tilt your device. Touch the screen and guide the path of the raindrops, stepping through the notes of an eerie melody as you go. It's a relaxing, intriguing experience that feels as if you're holding a living window in your hands.

    The more you touch, however, the more strange the rain becomes: layered skies, visual anomalies and shifts in speed and color, even the occasional cataclysm if you're not careful. Before your eyes and beneath your fingers, the familiar becomes strange, and the strange, familiar.

    Strange Rain has three play modes. In "wordless" mode, you can simply enjoy the sights and sounds of the falling rain. In "whispers" mode, touching the screen causes some raindrops to turn into words as they fall—words inspired by the qualities of rain. In "story" mode, every touch triggers a thought as text on screen which tell the story of a man in the midst of a family crisis who has wandered into the rain to collect his thoughts.

    "We're combining comics, games, music, and touch- and gesture-sensitive devices to create a fresh kind of storytelling we call "opertoons." Operton

    Platform: iPhone/iPad (Universal)
    Version: 1.0
    Cost: $1.99
    Developer: Operton

    (via brandonnn)

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  • Save as WWF

    WWF ha sviluppato un tool per salvare i psd senza la possibilità di stamparli. Questo per preservare la miriade quantità di carta che regolarmente sprechiamo in nulla. Disponibile ora solo per mac.

    Save as WWF

  • iconolo.gy

    Just another one of those cool blogs well worth bookmarking. Visit: iconolo.gy

  • Sono a Napoli per una 2 giorni di relax e camminando lungo il centro storico mi imatto nei lavori di Diego Miedo, artista di strada, pittore/writer (?).
    Mi piace molto il suo stile, piacerebbe anche fargli qualche domanda per il blog.

    - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

    Location:Vico Figurari,Napoli,Italia

  • Created by Jesse Kanda, Waking From A Coma is an experimental animated short film created using multiple animation techniques ranging from traditional frame by frame to 3D expressions. Directed, animated and soundtracked by Jesse Kanda.

    (Dur. 2:23) 2010

    Jesse Kanda is an independent designer and visual artist based in London.


    (via Mike)

  • t-news : Wasted Heroes, a brand from UK

    Wasted Heroes is a fresh alternative t-shirt label developed by UK based graphic designer Russell Reid.

    The label was founded in 2009 and has since then been producing instantly recognisable, bold, confident prints achieved by exploring elements of illustration and montage. The Wasted Heroes collection has no rules and steers away from following high street t-shirt trends (available for men's and women's)

    In addition to the t-shirts designed by Wasted Heroes, the label has introduced a number of prints from guest UK based designers, presenting an alternative to their own unique trademark style.

    Wasted Heroes holds tight to its independent roots and is proud of its hands on personal approach by screen printing and designing all garments in-house.

    A label born from a passion for Graphic t-shirts, music and art. You can follow Wasted Heroes with their facebook.

  • Alt Lautus Typeface

    Lautus is a 10 weight typeface and can be use in almost every graphic design application its great for minimal design, logos, Posters, and magazines

  • Music obsessive Mary Anne Hobbs has the power to make and break emerging artists on her influential BBC Radio 1 show. So when she takes a profound interest in a new music scene, you know it's something special. Lately, she's been so tapped into the what she calls West Coast Rocks—L.A. and San Francisco bass-heavy producers such as Flying Lotus, Daedelus, Lazer Sword, Ghosts on Tape, Samiyam, and Gaslamp Killer (just to name a few)—that she made a special pilgrimage to see it with her own eyes. Here, she discusses the impact this scene has had not only on her, but on music globally.

  • Path: The Personal Network

    Congrats to the guys at Path for the announcement of WTF you've been up to all this time, and the launch of the iPhone application– the first step in a series of strong moves to come.  Want to learn more, read this great New York Times Article.

    Required Disclosure: I'm an Investor in Path!

  • 4th Amendment Wear


    Now there's a way to protest those intrusive TSA X-ray scanners without saying a word. Announcing 4th Amendment Metallic ink-printed undershirts and underwear! Via Fubiz

  • Luis Morais Pop-N-Shop


    If you're in the Miami area over the next week and hunting for holiday gifts, I'd stop by here!  Really digging the latest Morais work.

    The LUIS MORAIS Pop-N-Shop: Wednesday December 1, 2010 through Monday December 6, 2010 at 438 Lincoln Road Miami Beach, Florida

  • Go Small: Core 77 Style


    The team at Core 77 just launched their Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide, and this time around it's all about going small. 77 design gifts under $77. Some great gift ideas there like the Bonsai Redwood Forest Kit and USB Battleship, to name just a few.

  • Un hack per riprogrammare le luci natalizie

    Gli ornamenti più belli e scenografici del periodo natalizio sono probabilmente le luci, e non ne sono esenti nemmeno quelle casalinghe, che contribuiscono a dar vita ad atmosfere domestiche molto particolari.

    Soltanto che qualcuno, come l'autore di questo hack, potrebbe sentirsi "limitato" dal fatto che le luci comprate nei negozi abbiano dei programmi preimpostati: sarebbe bello invece poter far fare alle luci ciò che si vuole.

    Nel video potete vedere i risultati di una manipolazione di luci di Natale, ottenuta con un po' di reverse engineering e una piattaforma Arduino. Buon lavoro dunque a tutti coloro che decidessero di cimentarsi nell'impresa natalizia per tempo!

  • Venduti 2,5 milioni di Microsoft Kinect in meno di un mese

    Microsoft Kinect

    Aumentare l'interazione con i videogame rende molto bene nel mercato. Lo sa bene Microsoft che con la sua Kinect sta realizzando vendite da record. Secondo i dati ufficiali, infatti, in meno di un mese la società ha venduto 2,5 milioni di unità. Il primo milione è stato venduto durante le prime due settimane e i restanti 1,5 milioni hanno usufruito della settimana del Black Friday, il venerdì in cui le società americane offrono sconti ai clienti.

    Kinect è un accessorio per XBox 360 che integra una webcam, sensore ad infrarossi e microfono, in modo da permettere all'utente di interagire con i videogame senza utilizzare controller. Il sistema riconosce l'utente dai suoi movimenti e li applica al gioco.

    Secondo le proiezioni calcolate dalla società, entro la fine dell'anno saranno vendute 5 milioni di unità. A Redmond confidano molto sullo shopping natalizio.

  • Shops | Antic Boutik

    Dopo 13 anni di negozio analogico i nizzardi di Antic Boutik aprono anche uno store online, e lo fanno in grande stile, vista l'esperienza e la splendida selezione di marchi: A.P.C., Acne Jeans, Band Of Outsiders, Common Projects, Commune De Paris, Dunderdon, Homecore, Junk De Luxe, Kitsuné, Nom De Guerre, Opening Ceremony, Our Legacy e Surface To Air.

    Fatevi un giro di shopping a Nizza, anche se soltanto virtuale.
    Lo sentite l'odore del mare?

  • t-news : Black Friday: compilation #1

    The best Tshirt places, and the best promo codes, just for ya:

    15% OFF: Sturban - (no code necessary)

    20% OFF: Electrik Sheep - code: BLACKSNOW

    20% OFF: Palmercash - code: TURKEY

    20% OFF: Monsieur Steve - code: INK

    25% OFF: Kiks Tyo - code: BLACKIKS25

    25% OFF: Gazmasta - code: BLACKOFFFRIDAY

    25% OFF: LTD Tee - code: BLACKFRIDAY

    25% OFF: Paper Heart Clothing - code: (no code necessary)

    25% OFF: Karmaloop - code: BLACKOUT

    (girls) 25% OFF: Freebirdcouture - code: THANKFUL

    26% OFF: Ardentees - serial: DSC0000028, password: blackfriday

    30% OFF: Goldcoins® - code: BLACK

    30% OFF: Randr Tees - code: DIRTY30

    30% OFF: Married To The MOB - code: THANKS

    37% OFF: Heroine Clothing - code: FRIDAYBLACK

    40% OFF: Paper Root Clothing - code: BLACKFRIDAY

    50% OFF (spring/summer) and 20%OFF fall/winter: The Hundreds - code: (no code necessary)

    50% OFF: Dance Party Massacre - code: BLACKFRIDAY

    50% OFF: INDVSL - code: INDVSLHOL2010

    50% OFF: Freegums - code: (no code necessary)

    60%OFF: IMKING - code: (no code necessary)

    Prices fall: IMU - (no code necessary)

    Free Shipping: Bandit-1$M - code: MENINDECKER

  • t-news : The new Barbiturik collection

    Our friends at Barbiturik have just launched their new collection:

    You can follow the brand with his flickr, facebook, youtube and blog.

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