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  • Banksy 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' Film
    In attesa della sua uscita il 16 di aprile negli Stati Uniti, l'atteso film sull'artista Banksy dal titolo 'Exit Through The Gift Shop', continua ad essere ancora un pò svelato. Un nuovo "sneak peak", ovvero un nuovo trailler, esce oggi, mantenendo viva l'attenzione e la curiosità su questa prima opera video su Banksy e sulla street art.

    "The film is the story of what happens when his guy tried to make a documentary about me but he was a lot more interesting than I am, so the film is now kinda about him."

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  • The French producer and Juno are offering a free download of "It's Just Muzik," the A-side of his recent release for Crosstown Rebels.

  • Mirko Grifoni

  • Mirko Grifoni
  • Created by Eric Rosenbaum at the  MIT Media Lab + Lifelong Kindergarten, MmmTsss is a free application for playful sound looping. Pressing the mouse button will allow you to attach a sound to a track. You can increase or decrease volume of each track or use plus or minus to increase or decrease tempo. Left and Right arrows allow you to move between the tracks to either selectively switch some off or to add additional sounds.

    MmmTsss is available for both Mac and Windows and can be downloaded here.

    What does "MmmTsss" mean?
    It's a sound: a bass drum in your throat (mmm) and then a little hi-hat on your teeth (tsss). Do this over and over, bobbing your head, and you've got your own party. Mmmtsss mmmtsss mmmtsss mmmtsss….


    Made with openFrameworks


    MmmTsss [Mac, Windows, openFrameworks, Sound] is a post from: CreativeApplications.Net | Follow us on Twitter - Flickr - Vimeo

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  • AVATAR is a production of Erre, a Spanish dance company working together with multimedia artist Roman Torre from Barcelona. The production is still in development and the official release is in Madrid at the end of this month (22, 23, April 24) at the Reina Sofia museum, and then in the UK, Holland and elsewhere in Europe (see here for dates). All interactive visual, interactive sound, LEDs and other triggers such as video projectors are controlled with Processing and Comunity Core Vision and others like Osculator. Below is a short video showing the process in residence. You can follow the development on the Vimeo channel http://vimeo.com/7625911

    See also Roman's site for other interactive projects made with Processing: romantorre.com

    (Thanks Roman)

    Click here for more Processing projects on CAN.

    AVATAR [Processing] is a post from: CreativeApplications.Net | Follow us on Twitter - Flickr - Vimeo

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  • Ship-1.jpg

    Mauritania's Nouadhibou Bay, the largest ship graveyard in the world, is where fishermen and captains go to abandon their dying vessels. Photographer Jan Smith spent considerable time and effort attempting to gain access, although the Mauritanian Army barred his way before he was able to convince them of his purely artistic pursuits.


    The resulting sad, quietly violent gallery documents sunken hulls and rusting boats. Mostly comprised of cast-offs for insurance fraud, Nouadhibou Bay still remains a maritime mystery.


    To view the complete gallery, visit Good Magazine.

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