• Pilot Frixion Evolution

    Pilot Frixion Evolution

    We had to advertise the Pilot Frixion Pen, focusing on its differential: the pen allows people to write or draw with one end, and to erase with the other one. We positioned it as the perfect tool for all kind of "creative" users, thinkers, writers, illustrators, students, kids. Every creative process starts with an idea. But in order to make something brilliant out of it, you have rectify, change, improve. Creation is based on an intensive and sometimes long-running process. So we took the probably most stunning creation process ever, the evolution of species, as theme for our product demo.

    Executive Creative Director: Jürgen Krieger
    Creative Directors: Óscar Amodia
    Director Boolab: Martin Alleis
    Sound Studio: Ideasonora
    Audio Clip Music: Franzl Lang / Mei Vater is a Appenzeller

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