• Interior Design Trends: Orange &Gray

    Interior Design Trends: Orange &Gray

    October is here, it snuck up on us very quickly. I can remember the beginning of this year as if it was yesterday, and feel as if I was shoveling snow just a couple of months ago. I am not complaining, as I really enjoy this time of year with its crisp air and of course amazing colors. In October I automatically think of Halloween and the colors that are associated with it. For me that means orange, well, orange and black to be exact. So, I chose orange and gray for today (being that gray is basically a toned down version of black to me). These colors look rather nice when used to decorate your home this time of year, don't you think?

    vasecandleholderbutton pillowpoufscoralstonespillow

    room 1 & 2

    Gray_to_Orange Orange_Gray_scale

    Orange_Gray OrangeGray

    orange_grayness orange_gray_web

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