• In Japan, BlackEyePatch is also known as "Mysterious Sticker Squad." For quite some time, their stickers have been appearing in huge numbers across the country with little known about the source. After trying their hand at a couple of successful accessory lines, it was only natural that BlackEyePatch would move on to creating a full line of streetwear. With graphic inspiration from hunting camo and movie posters, the collection includes a branded fish tail jacket, graphic tees, an embroidered crewneck, and branded denim. For a closer look at the up-and-coming label, check out the photos above. Pieces will be available later online, and next week at the brand's Beams T pop-up shop.

    Click here to view full gallery at Hypebeast.com

  • levis x streething

    As part of the global Live in Levi's® campaign, the denim brand launched a digital platform to collect, document and share the lives of different people around the world and their stories. Streething teamed up with Levi's® Malaysia to present three cycling enthusiasts – Aaron Chan, Zaim Rosli, and Shidi from Pedal Malaya – and showcased how they live, work and play in the Levi's® Commuter™ Collection.

    A teaser was released prior to official debut of the films – giving fans a sneak peek behind-the-scenes:

    At an intimate event held at The Grumpy Cyclist on Jan 8, the Live in Levi's® Project Films were screened to an exclusive group consisting of influencers, tastemakers, media editors and members of the local cycling community. The screening was followed by a Goldsprint Challenge and a night ride which was headed by the three featured personalities, and joined by other cycling enthusiasts. This was the collective video of the three Streething x Live in Levi's® Project Films:

    Streething x Live in Levi's® featuring professional downhill cyclist and model – Aaron Chan. More on his video over <a href="http://streething.com/news/21954/streething-x-levis-aaron-chan/" target="_blank">here</a>.

    Streething x Live in Levi's® featuring professional photographer and long-distance cyclist – Zaim Rosli. Read more about his journey <a href="http://streething.com/news/22030/streething-x-live-in-levis-zaim-rosli/" target="_blank">here</a>.

    Streething x Live in Levi's® featuring founder of Pedal Malaya – Shidi. Find out more about his cause for a bike-friendly city right <a href="http://streething.com/news/22063/streething-x-levis-shidi-of-pedal-malaya/" target="_blank">here</a>.

  • The British Journal of Aesthetics holds a competition each year open to students on full-time undergraduate or graduate courses at art and design schools or in fine art/design departments in any country to design a cover for the journal, which is published by Oxford University Press , both in print and online.

    The overall cover design includes an image, generally a black & white photograph of a sculpture or a detail from a print. It is normally but not necessarily a monochrome image. But winning entries in the competition have varied considerably from this norm. The specific brief for this year's competition is to design a cover on the theme " Art and War ". Entries to the competition will consist in a .jpeg or .tiff containing an image and a cover design incorporating the image, which can be assembled using a template that can be downloaded on the contest's website ( the template is available in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop ). The resolution of the image must be at least 300dpi. There is no restriction on the use of colour. The winning entry will showcase the distinctive style of the artist, while remaining consistent with the series of covers as a whole. Each entrant will retain ownership of all intellectual property rights in the image submitted ( including moral rights ). There is no entry fee . Eligibility Open worldwide to students enrolled on a full-time undergraduate or graduate course at an art school on 30 January 2016 . . Prize The winning design will be used on the cover of the British Journal of Aesthetics . The issue will carry a half-page about the winner and his or her work. The winner will receive 5 printed copies of the issue featuring their design, and will also be invited to choose £150-worth of books ( approx. 219 USD ) published by Oxford University Press , free of charge. The winner and runners-up will be notified by email in summer of 2016 .

    Original Article: http://www.graphiccompetitions.com/students-only/british-journal-of-aesthetics-design-competition-2016/
  • piratzerland
    Switzerland is a haven for internet piracy, the Obama Administration's global trade rep says. The European nation famous for Swiss Alps, Swiss Cheese, Fondue, and being a long-term U.S. political ally since WWII is now on America's annual intellectual property shitlist.


    Original Article: http://boingboing.net/2016/04/29/the-u-s-just-labeled-switzerl.html
  • Prendi il modello di business americano di Thumbtack per dominare il mercato dei servizi e replicalo in Europa. Aggiungi 1,5 milioni di euro in due round di finanziamenti provenienti dai fondatori di BlaBlaCar, Frédéric Mazzella e Francis Nappez, l'ex dirigente di eBay e mobile.de Ralph Werner, l'ex CEO di Fotolia Oleg Tscheltzoff, Point 3 Capital e Kima Ventures.

    Completa il tutto con settori più specifici e di nicchia come i fotografi, i maestri di danza o i dj.
    Cosa ottieni?
    StarOfService, il marketplace online che aiuta i consumatori a trovare i servizi locali adatti a soddisfare le proprie necessità.
    La start-up europea è cresciuta del 600% di anno in anno, da quando è stata fondata due anni fa, con circa 10.000 nuove imprese registrate ogni mese, è il più grande marketplace del suo genere in Francia. Ora sta cercando di lasciare la sua impronta in altri 80 Paesi in tutto il mondo tra cui India, Turchia, Australia e Canada.
    La compagnia ha già stabilito la sua presenza in mercati chiave come in UK, Spagna, Germania, Brasile, Russia e, ora, anche in Italia.
    Per il lancio del progetto italiano non è stata ancora pianificata una campagna di comunicazione, ma se cercate un libero professionista o un'azienda per la vostra campagna pubblicitaria ora potete farlo anche collegandovi a StarOfService.

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  • Skaters are creative people. It's what draws them to skating: a 'sport' without rules, courts, or a governing body—your own creativity is what makes skateboarding great.Because of this, it's not a surprise that many skaters have an artistic side to them. John Lucero, Mark Gonzales, Ed Templeton, Neil Blender, even Piet Parra—skateboarding goes hand-in-hand with their art.

    Dutch skateboarder and artist, Leon Karssen, is cut from the same cloth. He learned to express himself through skateboarding and digital art, and used Tumblr and Instagram to share that art with the world. His now-famous cats can be found on a collection for Rip N Dip clothing, Habitat Skateboards decks, in Thrasher videos, on the shutters of FTC's Barcelona store, and even a sex toy. We sat down with the young and humble Dutchman to talk about his art, skateboarding, and his new clothing collection.

    MAARTEN: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
    LEON KARSSEN: My name is Leon. I draw and skate. And that's it.

    How did you get into skateboarding?
    When I was younger, I got a skateboard and I had a friend that skated… but then I never got into it. Years later, I switched to a new school in the city center of The Hague and met a bunch of new people who all skated. Through them, I really got into skateboarding and I've been hooked ever since.

    "I'm not into partying or whatever… I just like to draw."

    Do you still have a solid skate crew like that?
    Not really. I recently moved from The Hague to Amsterdam and my friends from The Hague have shifted their attention from skating to partying.

    Why'd you decide to move to Amsterdam?
    My girlfriend lives here, and I had the opportunity to live by myself.

    Is drawing something you've always done?
    Not really—I started drawing when I got more into skating. I needed another outlet next to skating. I'm not into partying or whatever, and I just like to draw. And that led to all of this…

    Did it take you long to realize that you had a talent for drawing?
    To be honest, I just drew for myself. I mean, of course I was feeling it [laughs]. But when I started to post my work on the Internet, I learned that other people were super into it as well. Guess I just got lucky.

    You started out posting your drawings on Tumblr, right?
    I started out on Tumblr and quickly grew to 1,000 followers. After that, Instagram started popping off; I've got close to 80,000 followers on there.

    Any explanation for how your art grew into this big a thing?
    It's just simple drawings. People like them or recognize something from themselves in them. That drives them to share it, and if they tag me in their posts I get discovered by their friends, and then the cycle starts again.

    What's your design process like?
    Most of the time I'm just sitting behind my computer with my mouse. If I feel like drawing, or just moving my hand around, I start to draw something. I usually have some sort of idea of what to draw, but most of the time the final results turn out to be something completely different.

    I heard MS Paint was your favorite software to draw in…
    I still use Paint, but I've been using Photoshop more often recently. Paint is too pixellated.

    I first saw your work in 2014, when Jenkem posted your 8 bit animated gif portraits of pro skaters. What's the story behind that project?
    I saw a similar portrait somewhere online, and I thought it would be cool to use that style for portraits of pro skateboarders. I made it in Photoshop and it suddenly turned into this big thing. The first portrait I made was of Heath Kirchart, with a bunch of colors and glitters—totally not Heath. Jenkem saw it and asked me to do more, so I made portraits of guys like Jerry Hsu, Alex Olson, Antwuan Dixon, and Dylan Rieder.

    Jenkem is probably the most respected publication/website in skateboarding right now. How do you respond when when something as big and important as Jenkem contacts you about your artwork?
    "Oh sick, cool, thanks."

    You're known for your drawings of cats—does your own cat inspire you?
    Actually, I only recently got a cat. My mom used to have a cat when I was younger, but that doesn't really have anything to do with it. When I started drawing, I was messing around and drew a cat. Could've been a dog, a giraffe, whatever, but it turned out to be a cat. I liked it and it stuck.

    You've recently worked with Habitat on some deck graphics—are graphics something that's important when you buy a deck yourself?
    I never did, but now I get a discount at the shop and I have a little more money to spend, so all of the sudden I have options now. When picking a deck I, of course, always start with the size and shape, and if there are multiple good ones, I get the one with the sickest graphic. I've been mostly buying Palace boards as of late. I like that they have a pointier tail. Plus, they have amazing graphics.

    Are there certain "skate artists" that you like or are an inspiration?
    Not really. I just don't pay a lot of attention to that. But I like the guy who does those jazz portraits for Western Edition [Ian Johnson], and that dude who does the Chocolate graphics [Even Hecox].

    So when Michael Sieben contacted you for an interview you weren't, "Oh shit, Sieben!"
    I knew of him, but mostly through his articles in Thrasher. But yeah, I wasn't going nuts when he contacted me. He just sent me a message on Facebook and I was like, "Cool."

    Did that Thrasher interview boost your following a lot?
    For sure. I did a few graphic things for Thrasher before that interview, but with that interview they put a huge focus on me. I got like 1000 to 2000 new followers in the day after they posted it on the website.

    Your fans seem to be pretty dedicated, even tattooing your work on their bodies. Do you remember the first time someone contacted you about getting inked up with your work?
    I do… This guy asked me to draw something for me. I kinda sensed where it was going, and it kinda bugged me out. I was scared that he might regret it afterwards. But he offered to pay me 50 euro for it, so I was like, "Let's go!" To be honest, I would've done it for free. He put it on his leg in full color. If I'm completely honest, it didn't turn out great, but I thought it was pretty sick nonetheless. There's a group of nine guys who all got "Skate or Cry" tattooed on them at the same time, and it really took off after that. But there's a bunch of pretty bad ones out there [laughs].

    It must be pretty bizarre to see people being "down for life" with your artwork.
    I've accepted that it's a thing. Worst case scenario, they can always put a different tattoo over it. The sickest tattoo I've seen was this guy who got my "Fuck the World Cup" inked on him. It was an MS Paint drawing I posted online, and a day later he sent me a photo of the piece. Ever since that moment—someone grabbing an MS Paint drawing and getting it tattooed on him within a day—there's nothing that surprises me.

    You've just released the second season of your clothing collection. How did that come about?
    I've always wanted to make my own clothes, but I never found the time to really work on it. I've tried it before, print up 100 T-shirts and sell them online. But all of the sudden, Paypal changed their policies. I had to jump through all sort of hoops to get my money and I wasn't feeling that. I talked to [The Hague skateshop owner] Manus about it and he offered to help me out. I supply the artwork and they take care of the rest. The first collection got some great response all over the world. I only sold it at shops I've worked with before.

    Any plans to expand in the future?
    I don't want to turn this into a brand, but I do want to continue making clothes and selling them at stores I like. Currently, the collection is pretty basic, but I'd love to expand into more cut and sew items. Kinda like fashion, but aimed at skaters.

    Did you ever randomly spot someone you don't know wearing your clothes?
    Not clothes, but it's happened with tattoos. I was talking to some random guy in Barcelona and I gave him some stickers. He looked at them, screamed out, "Yo!" and immediately showed me his tattoo.

    You've been working with a lot of different brands, shops, and publications. How do these collaborations come about?
    People just contact me via e-mail or social networks, and if I dig the brand I tell them I'll do it. After that we discuss what each of us is looking to get out of the project I get to work, draw whatever I feel like and they—most of the time—use it right away. It's pretty organic and fun.

    Are you looking to do more bigger, commercial projects in the future?
    That really depends on the brand. I'd never work with a brand like Coca-Cola, for example, simply because I don't drink that stuff. I have to be able to back the brand. For example, I'd love to work with adidas, but I wouldn't work with adidas Skateboarding. I mean, it's pretty sick, but it goes against my principles. But what I'd really like to work on is a project with a big fashion brand, like Lacoste of Versace or something.

    Your style is very recognizable, and with how big you've become online, you must have seen a few people biting your style…
    Yeah, more than a few. But I think that's pretty cool, they're trying to express themselves creatively. It's not like they trace my work and try to make money off it or something. It helps them to find their own style, and that's all I care about.

    Anything else going on in your life besides skating and art?
    Not really. I'm either skating or drawing these days. I quit school and fully committed to drawing. I'm very lucky that it's going as well as it's been going right now.

    What's in your future?
    I'll see that when it happens. I focus on the here and now and respond to whatever comes my way.


    Follow Leon on Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook.

    Buy his clothes at Manus Skateshop.

    Original Article: http://thehundreds.com/from-ms-paint-to-skateboard-graphics-the-irreverent-drawings-of-leon-karssen/
  • Two more days. Those are all that stand between you and the Air Jordan 2 Low Gym Red, the first lowtop AJ2 in a year that's expected to be full of them.

    Simplicity reigns supreme here — just the one color, mostly — but the shoe's no less eye-popping for the limited palette. Blazing red stretches over nearly every inch of the shoe's exterior, from the rubber sole unit to the leather upper that's finished in snake-like scales, a declaration of higher-fashion aspirations. A quick pop of black adds minimal contrast to the tongue's branding, while turquoise goes largely unseen, bringing a tropical touch to the insole and outsole.

    The Air Jordan 2 Low Gym Red drops on Saturday. Are you getting a pair?

    Air Jordan 2 Retro Low
    Gym Red/University Red-Hyper Turquoise
    Style #: 832819-606
    2 April 2016

    Air Jordan 2 Low Gym Red Release Date

    Air Jordan 2 Low Gym Red Release Date

    Air Jordan 2 Low Gym Red Release Date

    Air Jordan 2 Low Gym Red Release Date

    Air Jordan 2 Low Gym Red Release Date

    Air Jordan 2 Low Gym Red Release Date

    Air Jordan 2 Low Gym Red Release Date

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  • E. Brasil by Adam Braga
    500px: Editors' Choice

    E. Brasil by Adam Braga

    Adam Braga: Photos

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  • indoor farm grocery store

    Taking farm-to-table approaches to new heights, a company in Berlin is putting small vertical farms directly inside of grocery stores to provide fresh produce and eliminate transportation costs. Its makers are boast that these are the first indoor farming installations of their kind, placed as they are directly in markets.

    INFARM is currently testing live herb gardens in METRO Cash & Carry stores, integrating them into the layout of the shops and making their display part of the shopping experience.

    indoor grocery berlin greens

    Cutting down on transport costs and associated emissions is good both for the bottom line as well as the environment. These aquaponics systems use less water, energy and space than conventional farms and horizontal greenhouses. And, of course, there is nothing customers like more than the freshest possible ingredients, and these come right off the proverbial (or actual) vine.

    indoor farm vertical garden

    The present year-long pilot program involves herbs and salad greens for now, but the same technology can also be deployed to grow other plants including tomatoes, peppers and other fruits and veggies. Next steps may include additional stores and chains but also inserting similar modules into places like restaurants and hotels looking to offer something unique to their clients and guests.

    no packing grocery store

    This is not the first green grocery innovation to take root in Berlin, Germany, which is also home to the world's first packaging-free grocery store. Original Unverpackt is the first in a series of stores using a sustainable model similar to co-ops but at a larger scale and aimed at mass market consumers, adapting the package-free bulk approach to sell all of its unpacked goods directly to consumers.

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  • The dinner was a Japanese-inspired six-course meal made by a chef in Brooklyn. The sample menu included dishes like "steamed silken tofu with edamame sauce" and "stuffed potato ball in Dashi soup" and a roasted green tea crème brûlée for dessert. For a night out in New York City, the $57 price tag was a steal. I signed up for one of the limited spots and received an email telling me the full address of the dinner, and a note —€" in all caps — that shoes were not allowed inside. But then, the morning of the dinner, the event was cancelled by the chef. She wrote that it was her "sincere regret" to cancel because she hadn't reached the minimum number of reservations needed to host the meal.

    Continue reading…

    Original Article: http://www.eater.com/2016/3/31/11293260/airbnb-for-food-apps-eatwith-feastly
  • Los Angeles-based artist Geoff McFetridge is a favorite collaborator of Nike Skateboarding, having brought his unique style and visual storytelling to projects like the "handwritten" Blazer and an actual paper Dunk. His latest team-up with the Swoosh will yield something a bit more durable than that second one.

    The Geoff McFetridge x Nike SB Stefan Janoski will drop in two colorways, white and blue. Each starts with that solid-colored canvas upper that's then printed with miniature characters drawn by Geoff. The result's perfect, really. The detailed figures will resonate with McFetridge fans, while others can simply appreciate the cool, fashionable graphic print and simple palettes.

    The Geoff McFetridge x Nike SB Stefan Janoski is set to hit select international retailers on April 2. It's likely that'll include US accounts, but we'll update you with developments shortly.

    Geoff McFetridge x Nike SB Stefan Janoski

    Geoff McFetridge x Nike SB Stefan Janoski (Blue)

    Geoff McFetridge x Nike SB Stefan Janoski (White)

    Geoff McFetridge x Nike SB Stefan Janoski (Blue)

    Geoff McFetridge x Nike SB Stefan Janoski (White)

    Geoff McFetridge x Nike SB Stefan Janoski (Blue)

    Geoff McFetridge x Nike SB Stefan Janoski (White)

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  • Per gli amanti del genere punk noise/lo-fi, questa band ha qualcosa da dire.
    Direttamente dal Belgio, vi presento i Cocaine Piss.

    L'album completo è scaricabile da bandcamp

    Luc De Koninck Less is more ! This record is a short but powerful listening experience. The energy literally bursts out of it.Favorite track: Waiting.
    Art Fin This noise punk album strikes fast and loud and is over before you fully comprehend WTF you just listened to. "Waiting" is an inspired vocal performance and I like it. Re-issued on vinyl. NSFW. Favorite track: Waiting.

  • Wipfli-Isa_08_0028 2

    Surprising no one, psychiatry is lagging behind reality: According to a new study published in The Journal of Sex Research, several sexual desires that psychiatrists classify as "paraphilic," or abnormal, are, in fact, common.

    The study discovered that, of 1,040 Quebeckers representative of the general population, 46.5% are interested in at least one of the eight sexual behaviors that the DSM-5 labels anomalous. So many were interested in voyeurism (35%), fetishism (26%), masochism (19%), or frotteurism (26%), the urge to make (usually unwanted) physical contact with people in public spaces, that it doesn't seem to make sense that these four are classified as "unusual." A third of survey subjects, meanwhile, had actually engaged in a paraphilic behavior at least once.

    "These facts suggest that we need to know what normal sexual practices are before we label a legal sexual interest as anomalous," lead researcher Christian Joyal, PhD, explained in a statement. "Some paraphilic interests are more common than people might think, not only in terms of fantasies, but also in terms of desire and behavior."

    Interestingly, men and women displayed similar levels of interest in fetishism and masochism. The study also found that masochism was connected with greater sexual satisfaction. So, the results back up what we already believed: As long as it's safe, sane, and consensual, you do you — and don't let the DSM-5 tell you otherwise.

  • Uber has an emergency phone number for passengers and drivers to get in touch with a human employee at the ride-hail company, according to a report in Inc. Thursday. The number, which has been operational since October, is only available in 22 cities and is only intended for non-911 related emergencies. The revelation comes after Uber faced questions about a "panic button" in the wake of a deadly shooting in Kalamazoo, Michigan by an Uber driver last month.

    Uber has panic buttons in some countries, like India, but insists that 911 should remain the preeminent emergency contact in the US. After Kalamazoo, the company took the unusual step of holding a conference call with reporters to explain this decision. "In the United States, 911 is...

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  • Alamsyah-Rauf-Proify-International-Photo-Competition-2016
    Image Credit: Alamsyah Rauf

    The Proify International Photography Awards is an annual competition dedicated to emerging photographers all over the world. With over $5,300 cash, prizes and awards, the contest is devoted to non-professional photographers and provides a unique opportunity to earn credibility, funding and global exposure. In addition to prizes, entrants with high scoring submissions are eligible to receive certificates along with Bronze, Silver & Gold Merit awards to further promote themselves and gain respect as an 'up and coming' photographer.
  • Pen Uno
    It's one of the slimmest writing tools around. Yet it's also perfectly comfortable. The Pen Uno achieves this feat by augmenting its 5.3mm body with a wider holding barrel that...

    Visit Uncrate for the full post.

  • The 2015 action packed film Mad Max: Fury Road surely drew many fans from far and wide upon its initial release. Inspired by the look of a comic book, illustrator and graphic designer Christopher Cox placed his own style upon movie posters in an orange tone of color. Peep the imagery above for the images that were created via Adobe Illustrator and check out some in blue tones here.

    Click here to view full gallery at Hypebeast.com

  • The Air Jordan 4 White Cement release date is still three months away, but the early photos have begun flowing in earnest, proving that, yes, this certainly has best-of-the-year potential.

    The OG colorway rocks the simple palette that made it a classic, as a white leather upper is hit with black-speckled grey on the midsole, wings and heel, while a touch of vivid red on the tongue adds bold color. It's that heel that's the real game-changer though: It's finished with "NIKE AIR" branding, eschewing the more recent Jumpman logo for a truly throwback feel.

    Get a closer look at the eagerly awaited shoe below, and expect a release on February 13, 2016.

    Air Jordan 4 Retro
    Style #: 308496-104
    13 February 2016

    Air Jordan 4 White Cement Release Date

    Air Jordan 4 White Cement Release Date

    Air Jordan 4 White Cement Release Date

    Air Jordan 4 White Cement Release Date

    Air Jordan 4 White Cement Release Date

    Photos via US11Hustla.

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  • adidas Consortium caps off their Year of the Superstar with a special premium release dedicated the the urban streets that made the shoe a certified icon. The "Metropolis" Superstar 80s features an all-grey suede upper (including a molded suede treatment for the shelltoe) mimicking the cement of any concrete jungle across the globe from New York to Tokyo. The adidas Superstar 80s "Metropolis" will release at adidas Consortium accounts globally in a very limited run of 1,000 individually numbered pairs on Friday, November 13th.

    Read the rest of Only 1,000 Pairs of This adidas Superstar Exists

  • The company behind Polaroid's Cube camera is suing GoPro for making a cube camera. The lawsuit claims that GoPro's Hero 4 Session infringes on a design patent granted for the Polaroid Cube in May, according to The Wall Street Journal. The two cameras are definitely both cubes, so the lawsuit has that working in its favor, but the actual patent is exceptionally vague. It only covers "the ornamental design for a cubic action camera, as shown and described" in seven accompanying illustrations. The Polaroid Cube is nearly two years old, while the Hero 4 Session was only introduced this July.

    Though the lawsuit is over a Polaroid-branded camera, Polaroid itself isn't behind the lawsuit. That's because Polaroid isn't involved with...

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  • Veuve Clicquot si è aggiudicata il premio "Formes de Luxe" grazie a Naturally Clicquot 3, il nuovo packaging 100% biodegradabile e riciclabile, che unisce innovazione ed eleganza, realizzato in collaborazione con Favini e DS Smith.

    Il prestigioso premio viene assegnato ogni anno ai packaging più innovativi e creativi, selezionati tra le eccellenze delle migliori aziende internazionali. Quest'anno, Naturally Clicquot 3 si è distinto tra centinaia di altri packaging presentati alla giuria, conquistando l'ambito riconoscimento. L'esclusiva carta nasce dal riuso creativo dei sotto-prodotti del processo di produzione dello champagne Veuve Clicquot. Nel pieno rispetto dell'ambiente, dopo la spremitura dei grappoli, la buccia degli acini d'uva trova un nuovo utilizzo. Grazie al know-how di Favini nella creazione di carte ottenute da residui agro-industriali, le bucce vengono essiccate e micronizzate per diventare materia prima per la produzione di una carta ecologica unica risparmiando il 25% di fibre vergini.

    Per ottenere l'innovativa carta utilizzata per la confezione ecologica, Favini inserisce i residui all'interno del ciclo produttivo mescolandoli con acqua e fibre naturali, andando a sostituire parte della cellulosa di albero.

    Il nuovo packaging Naturally Clicquot 3 è un prodotto unico, che dà una nuova vita ai residui di produzione di uno degli champagne più rinomati e permette un risparmio di un quarto di fibre vergini. Inoltre, in perfetta coerenza con la carta ecologica realizzata, sono state utilizzate vernici prive di solventi per la grafica e un composto a base di canna da zucchero per incollare l'etichetta.

    Favini, grazie a centinaia di ore di ricerca, di tecniche di perfezionamento e a 25 anni di esperienza nel campo delle materie prime alternative, si è rivelato il partner ideale per Veuve Clicquot, dando vita al primo cofanetto realizzato con le bucce dell'uva. La Maison francese è, infatti, da sempre attenta all'innovazione e alla ricerca costante di soluzioni rispettose dell'ambiente.

  • Saison oblige, les marques proposent les unes après les autres leurs produits adaptés pour l'hiver, pour ce faire Vans collabore avec un spécialiste dans le domaine The North Face. Ensemble ils nous délivrent un jeux de 3 paires, tout d'abord deux Sk8 Hi mélangeant cuir et suède, proposées en bleu/bleu nuit et turquoise/marron. Dotées d'un lining doublé et et d'une semelle intérieure hydrofuge elles s'avèrent parfaitement étudiées pour les conditions climatiques les plus rudes. Son outsole se voit équipée de crampons tandis que le heel panel arbore le logo "The North Face" que l'on retrouve également sous le logo "Off The Wall" de la languette. La troisième n'est autre qu'une Fleece Lined Chukka en cuir noir, midsole noire et pourvue d'un lining fourré, avec une pièce de suède sur la talon qui accueil également le logo du spécialiste du vêtement de montagne. Pour accompagner le trio une veste Nuptse noire est proposée avec sur les épaules un imprimés à carreau fréquemment utilisé chez Vans.
    Vans Sk8-Hi MTE LX
    Deep Teal/Toast

    Vans Vault x The North Face

    Vans Vault x The North Face

    Vans Vault x The North Face

    Vans Vault x The North Face






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